Family School Wellness

The Family School Wellness Program (FSW) is an important part of our healthy Chinook’s Edge school community. The FSW program’s focus is providing support to students facing social-emotional difficulties at school. 

Together with students and parents, our team can support information and referrals, student and/or family support, 1:1 short-term support to students and parents, groups aimed at student growth, and help for families seeking external agency support. The FSW program is a voluntary program that requires parental/guardian consent for 1:1 support. We value and seek parental involvement and work as part of a multidisciplinary school team to provide school-based support for children and families. 

For more information about our free and confidential services, and to discuss how our Family School Wellness Program can support your child and/or family, please contact Darla Korver at the school by calling (403-638-3939) or emailing

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