Chess and Checkers Club

Photo by Wander Fleur on Unsplash

Mr. Brooks runs our chess and checkers club during lunch recesses from January to March. For 2020-2021, he was able to run it in a COVID-friendly way by having students play virtually.


Green Team

Our local environment -- the beautiful view from Snake Hill

Mrs. Larsen runs the green team for our elementary students.

More information coming soon!

Hockey Card Trading Club

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For the months of April and May, Mr. Brooks runs a hockey card trading club for elementary students during lunch recess.

Social Justice Club

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We run a couple of different social justice clubs during lunch recess for our students:

Mrs. Reimert runs the club for grade 6-8 students and Ms. Hindbo runs the club for grade 2-5 students.

Unfortunately, due to cohorting, we have not been able to run these clubs for the 2020-2021 school year but we are looking forward to their return in the fall.