Our Growly is the concession that students are invited to purchase food from during their lunch eating time.

The weekly schedule for the Growly is as follows:

Monday: Gr 2 + Gr 8

Tuesday: Gr 3 + Gr 7

Wednesday: Gr 4 + Gr 8

Thursday: Gr 5 + Gr 7

Friday: Gr 6 + Gr 8

Students may bring money (cash only) on their designated day to purchase items at the Growly during their Lunch Period. Each week has a feature item along with other items that are available every day. The menu items are listed at the bottom of the calendar.

Subway Days

Subway Days have returned to RVS - the first one is September 27, 2022. All orders must be placed online and prepaid via QuickPay by the order deadline. Orders may be placed for multiple months / multiple students at a time.

  • Subway Day orders are online, prepaid only - please click on this link to set up a Quickpay Account in order to pre-order Subway. Click Here.
  • Subway orders must be submitted by the order deadline each month
  • If your child is absent on a Subway Day, we are not able to issue a credit
  • Kindergarten families please pay close attention to the dates - Subway day may fall when your Kindergarten student DOES NOT ATTEND SCHOOL.
  • If you have any questions please contact the school office at 403-638-3939

The order form is accessible as follows:  


  • Menu

  • Parents/ Students tab

  • School Fees

  • Login with email and password OR set up an account

  • If you have more than one child, select each individually at the top

  • Subway Day icon (note there is a tab for September/October/November/December)

  • Please remember to submit payment once you have completed all the order forms for each of your students - access the shopping cart in the upper right hand corner to make payment