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Tasha Feddema

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Key Roles: Custodian


Hi Karen, 
Here's my updated bio (Yup, I actually rewrote the entire thing) for the website  and I've even included an updated pic of myself to put on there! :) 

Hello everyone! My name is Tasha Feddema and I am indeed one of the custodians here at River Valley School! I’ve been working at RVS for 15 years and I am loving every single moment of it- even when things do get a little crazy in the building.


A little info about me: I was born and raised in the Sundre area (and to be honest, I literally went to this school growing up) and called this area home for a long time. I live on a farm northeast of town with my mom and brother- which means I also have 3 dogs (Pepper, Tikka and T’N’T) and a lot of other animals too!


Fun facts about me: 1) I am one of the tallest staff members in the building! I’m literally proud of my height at 6’6”; 2) I am a huge Harry Potter fan! You’ll probably see me wearing some kind of Harry Potter merch as I’m a proud Ravenclaw (Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure) and actually do listen to Swish and Flick: an all Potter Podcast (Either an old episode or a live recording) while working! 


When I’m not at RVS, you would most likely find me either helping out at home, Spending part of my summers at a summer camp near Gull Lake and hanging out with people that I care for the most!



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