Our Pre-Kindergarten room


Our Pre-Kindergarten program provides a language-rich learning environment designed to provide targeted, early intervention to 3 and 4 year old children to prepare them for Kindergarten. When space permits, community students will be invited to attend, serving as communication and social peer partners.

Here are some quick facts for parents:
*Pre-Kindergarten offers half-day programming three-four days each week (Tuesday-Thursday and some Mondays) throughout the school year. 

*Funding is potentially available for students who meet a set of criteria. Three-year-olds can access funding if they have severe needs (medical, speech and language) and four-year-olds can access funding if they have severe, moderate, or mild needs. An assessment process is in place to determine a child's needs. The deadline to qualify for funding is September 30th.

*For students who don't meet any of the criteria and when space permits, they can be invited to attend as a community student, serving as communication and social peer partners. The cost for attending as a community student is $200/month. 

*Full-time staff include a certified teacher and educational assistants.

*Additional support is provided by a Speech & Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, and Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant.

To inquire about applying or to request additional information, please contact Mrs. Braybrook at the school (403-638-3939 or tbraybrook@cesd73.ca). To view the supply lists for pre-k as well as the calendar, please click the buttons below.

Pre K Supply List
Pre K Calendar 2021-2022 -- 3-year-olds; 4-year-olds