Chinook's Edge School Division

Tower Gardens

This tower garden is growing cucumbers, broccoli, poppies, celery, kale and tomatoes!

Last spring, we purchase a few tower gardens for our school.  The goal was to have kids see first-hand how plants (including many vegetables) grow and have them be actively involved in the growing process.  A few teachers took on the role of taking care of our gardens and it has been a huge learning curve!  Initially, they were placed in the common area so that everyone could appreciate them.  One of the challenges this posed was that students weren't as active in the process.  Recently, the tower gardens have been dispersed around the school, with some being moved into classrooms.  This is allowing students to take more ownership of the garden and it's upkeep.  Students are excited to watch the growth of these plants and everyone can't wait to see the end results!