RVS Science Fair Results |

RVS Science Fair Results

On February 2nd, our school held its annual Science Fair.  A total of 39 projects, 55 kids, were judged. All first and second place winners as well as honourable mentions will be invited to attend the MSTS (Mountainview Science and Technology Society) Science Fair at Olds High School on Saturday, March 4.  The judges included Mr. Sacher (our superintendent), Mr. Fisher (our trustee) along with a variety of other parents and community members.  A huge thank you goes out to everyone who worked together to make this event happen.  You can find a photo album from the day here.

And the winners are...

Grade 1

1st- Kole Roberts: Water Pressure?


Grade 2

1st- Liam Deschaine and Dyllan Marko: How to Make Rock Candy


Grade 3

1st- Aspen Luzi: Horse Relaxing 

2nd- Natalia Klis and Isabella Packer: Lava Lamps     

Honourable Mention- Georgia Winters: The Power of Sound      


Grade 4

1st- Austin Fuchko: Extracting DNA          

2nd- Noah Barnsdale: LEGO Wheel Races   

Honorable Mention- Camryn Nielsen and Cassie Kidd: How the Foal Grows


Grade 5

1st- Matt Cottrell: Electrifying Electromagnets 

2nd- Colin Newsham:  3D Printing    

Honorable Mention- Jasmine Klis and Abriel Johnson: What is the Aurora Borealis?


Grade 6

1st- Jordyn Roberts: Why Do We Need Blood?  

2nd- Samantha Thorogood and Tristan Hillock: Sugar Shock

Honorable Mention- Abbie Messervey and Ava Fricker:  Where is Sugar Hiding?


Grade 7

1st- Scott Nicolai and Lucas Tooth: Does Sheeting Affect the Strength of the Wall?

2nd- Nina Spurrier: Skin Wars    

Honorable Mention- Raegan Blatchford and Tesla Steiner: Do Left Handed People Have Better Memory?


Fantastic investigating kids!